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Trent Steele

I'm Trent Steele, and welcome to my website!  :)

This site contains my round-up of the greatest privacy tools in the world. From spyware killing software, to utilities that blank out your computer screen, THIS is the software that REALLY matters!

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Trent Steele, Site Manager
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Product Recommendations


Internet History Cleaner - Voted #1 Privacy Tool

One-click to erase all of your Windows history and browser logs!
Internet History Cleaner
Rip That Music

Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 Files

Legally download unlimited MP3 music files - in seconds!

Protect Your Private Files - in a "Virtual Vault"!

Use this powerful computer vault to protect your personal files!

Virtual Vault Pro
Hide Your Windows – QUICKLY!

Hide Your Windows � QUICKLY!

Someone�s coming. Use this program to hide everything in a flash!

Stop Identity Theft, Instantly

Discover the Web�s most powerful Anti Identity Theft package
FREE trial
Stop Identity Theft, Instantly
SPY on your Family & Friends

SPY on your Family & FriendsNEW!

Best-selling keylogger tool allows you to track anyone!

Lock Your USB Pen with Your Own PasswordNEW!

Protect data on your USB pen from prying eyes, with this app!


Flash Drive Security
Secure Drive Erase

Deleting Files Does NOT Get Rid of Them!

New app deletes files and wipes all traces from your hard disk!
FREE trial

Kill Popups Before They Appear!

Instantly stop ALL browser popups and make surfing fun again!
Kill Popups Before They Appear!
Protect your PC from Spyware!

Protect your PC from Spyware!

Scan your computer and protect your PC from hackers.
FREE trial

Hide Your Private Windows Folders!

Stop nosy users from browsing your private folders, with this utility!
Hide Your Private Windows Folders!
Keep Your Surfing PRIVATE

Keep Your Surfing PRIVATE

Use Evidence-Blaster to remove all of your surfing tracks!
FREE trial

Keep Your Private Photos HIDDEN!

Got private photos on your PC? Store them inside Photo Vault Pro.
Photo Vault Pro
Recover Deleted Files & Folders!

Recover Deleted Files & Folders!

World�s leading undelete tool. What secrets are hiding on your PC?

Securely Erase ALL Undelete Files!

Stop file rescue tools from working. Download Secure-Delete!
Securely Erase ALL Undelete Files!
Clean your Windows Registry!

Clean your Windows Registry!

Let the Ultimate Registry Cleaner keep your PC in tip-top condition.

What Secrets Are On Your Camera?

Deleted photos can be recovered. Photo-Eraser protects you!
Securely Erase ALL Undelete Files!
Voicemail Recorder

Tap Into the World of PODCASTING - Today!

Create podcasts, and run an online radio station - in 60 minutes!

Keep Track of Your Computer IP Address!

New app tracks your IP. Great for using Remote Desktop!
Keep Track of Your Computer IP Address!
Change my MAC address

Change Your Computer's MAC Address!

Just two clicks to protecting your MAC address - and privacy.

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